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Modified Operations During California Quarantine

Modified Operations During California Quarantine

COVID-19 is changing our lives in a drastic way. Although we are considered an important and essential business we have decided to limit the amount of contact we have with our customers during the California quarantine. According to the news, its not—nor should it—look like business as usual. At Reap & Sow we take your health and wellness seriously, so we are modifying our operations to ensure protect our staff, protect you while also ensuring you are still able to purchase the health and wellness products you need. Now more than ever, accessibility to good quality products is essential!


Product Availability

There is a wide variety of products that we carry at our shop. We carry immunity tonics, mushroom blends, tea, clean beauty, personal care products, herbs, zero waste products, an extensive selection of hemp-derived CBD products and essential oils. Everything is available for purchase at this time, in varying ways. We will go into detail about how to purchase particular products—especially CBD—in the sections below.

In Store Operations

Reap & Sow is open for pre-paid, no contact curbside/or bench pickup. Simply let us know what you want when you place an order by phone. We get everything ready for you and you call us when you are in front of the shop. We'll place your order on the bench in front of our door for you to collect and maintain proper social distancing.
Want the personal assistance you'd receive if you were in the shop even though you’re shopping online? Please text us, DM us on Instagram or contact us via the live chat on our website to set up your very own time to talk with a shop employee over the phone. We are committed to helping you find the products you need to keep you safe, happy and healthy.
To contact us about an order or product inquiry, please call or text us at 760-421-9246.

Bulk Refill Services

Please drop off your containers in a small box with a note with your name, phone number and info on what needs to be refilled, how much, and the scent. We will fill up the bottles, and then have them ready for pick up the next day. We will call you with any questions if they come up.

Local Delivery

We are offering free delivery for orders within a 10-mile radius of our South Oceanside store. However, we are requesting this service to be reserved for those who truly need it. If you are elderly, handicapped, immune-compromised, not feeling well, or don't have transportation, please use this option.
If you are able bodied, please use the in-store pickup or shipping options instead. 

Online Orders

You can check out our website, we are adding products as fast as we can. Please keep in mind that our website has gone live a bit sooner than anticipated, so not every product we carry at the shop is online at this time. If there is something you need, but don’t see it online contact us via the live chat and we can ensure it ends up in your order.
For a limited time, we are offering free shipping for orders over $45. This is a great time to stock up on essentials you may not be able to find at other shops at this time.
You have the option to have your items shipped to you via USPS or for In Store Pickup. If you choose the In Store Pickup option, please use the note section in your cart to share your phone number and specify the time and date you will be coming by for your order. We will contact you if any questions arise. 

A Note About CBD

At this time our CBD products are not online. We are working diligently on this and hope to have them online in the next week or two. As the first store in San Diego to carry CBD products, we are committed to getting you the products that you need during this tumultuous time. You can still purchase CBD from us over the phone and either pick it up, have it delivered or have us ship it to you. Simply call us, DM us on Instagram or contact us via live chat on our website to place a CBD order.

Final Notes

We'll keep you in the know on the happenings at the shop as things progress. We still have a little bit of hand sanitizer at the shop for refills and 6 - 12 packs of toilet paper. If either of those are something that you need, please let us know. Some of our staff is working remotely, so please understand that operations may be slower than normal due to change in our shop operations. 
We genuinely appreciate all the support we are receiving right now. It is helping us stay open during this crisis. We are sending out lots of prayers and positive vibes to you and hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. Again, thank you for continuing to support us and our staff through this crazy time in uncharted waters. We are going to get through this together. 
Much love,
The Reap & Sow Team


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