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How to Boost Self-Care During the Coronavirus

How to Boost Self-Care During the Coronavirus

I nervously stress-scrolled through Instagram, gobbling up every news update I could about Coronavirus after seeing a post about students in Miami refusing to stop partying in the midst of the pandemic. I was angry and I was upset. It sent me down an anxious spiral. After about 10 minutes of this I forced myself to stop though. I realized there were better ways I could cope with this situation.

First I turned off my phone sat in silence. I took some deep breaths and just let myself be. Then I went in my room where I did a 20 minute yoga flow. This refreshing activity brought me back to the present moment, back into my body and helped me calm down. Who knew it would take a global health crisis to get me to cope with my anxiety?

Coronavirus has completely changed the lives of most people on this planet. In this unprecedented time, it's important we try and retain a sense of normalcy through all the rapid changes. This is extremely important for our mental health and overall wellbeing. 

But as my panic stricken Instagram binge shows, it’s really easy to start spinning out of control right now. With quarantine in full effect, it’s critical we use self care practices to boost our happiness and keep us sane while we’re stuck inside. But how exactly do we do this? Here are a couple of suggestions about how to implement self-care into your everyday routine during the quarantine.


We all know the importance of exercising. Exercising while not being allowed outside though, that’s a bit trickier. Luckily, there are a ton of free online exercising classes on YouTube. Some of my favorites include Yoga with Adrienne, Blogilates and Ahlia Yoga. If you’re not on actual quarantine yet, go for a walk or run outside. There’s seriously no excuse for not getting active right now!


Taking the time to slow down, stay off your phone and just turn inward is huge. It gives you the space to be present with yourself and really check in with yourself. You can use an app like Insight Timer to help you through guided meditations right now, or you can sit in silence if that feels more appropriate. You can also opt for a more active type of meditation, such as pulling cards from an oracle deck or journaling. No matter what, what’s important right now is you actively take the time to check in with yourself and get in touch with your feelings and emotions on a regular basis.

Take a Bath

A bath is the ultimate self-care indulgence. It can be made even more luxurious with a bath bomb, exfoliating scrub and face mask. Check out our Bath & Body section to order some clean products that will help you feel your best while pampering your body. 

Hang Out with Your Pet

Do you have a pet? Well now’s the time to shower them with extra love. Take the time to teach your dog a new trick, or see how long it takes for your cat to get annoyed with you. If you don’t have a pet at this time and are able to take on the commitment, now’s the time to consider adopting a pet as well.

Drink a Cozy Cup

There is nothing more delicious than drinking a cozy cup of tea, hot cocoa, or coffee. Now is time to put extra care into those simple indulgences. We recommend adding mushroom powders to your warm drinks to boost your health, vitality and wellbeing. 

Read a Book

Getting off your phone is a key way to ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself with news about COVID-19. Getting caught up in a good book will help you pass the time when there’s little to do at home. Check out some of our favorites in our book section of the shop.

Remember to Stay Positive

You’re not alone in this. Literally the whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. While it can be easy to fall into despair, this situation is drawing us all closer together, even if we are self-quarantining from one another. Remember to stay connected with friends online via text, phone and FaceTime. Find gratitude for the things in your life that are positive. We will get through this if we stay smart, stay safe and stay happy. We’ve got this.


Much love,

The Reap & Sow Team

P.S. Share your favorite self-care quarantine activities with us in the comments!