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Flying Bluebird Botanicals

Quiet Cough Loose Leaf Tea Blend

$15.95 USD

A cold season staple, Quiet Cough is a complex blend of roots + leaves to support respiratory and bronchial health.* Add a spoonful of local San Diego honey for  extra cough support.

For best results- bring fresh water and tea to a low boil, cover and simmer for 5 min, strain through tea basket and drink while hot. Add honey for additional support.

Each beautiful tin comes filled with 3oz of tea




Temperature: 205º–212º F

Steep Time: 2+ tsp/cup steeped for 7–20 minutes covered. Or simmer 2+ tsp/cup for 5 min covered for a much stronger cup.




Ingredients: Organic Elecampane, Organic Wild Cherry Bark, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Rose Hips, Wild Yerba Santa, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Sage, Organic Mullein, Organic Marshmallow Leaf, Organic Cinnamon