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Pranacaps: Oregano / Resistance

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Mandarin / Aromastress
A safe, convenient & effective way to harness the active properties of essential oils!

Pranacaps are the first chemotyped and certified organic essential oil capsules line, professionally developed by internationally renowned pharmacist and aromatherapy expert, Dominique Baudoux. Pranacaps are scientifically formulated to support the body's immune defenses, natural digestion and the central nervous system.

The active properties of certified organic essential oils, safely harnessed in capsules for everyday health and wellness.

This capsule helps to support the natural immune defenses of the body.


Take 2 capsules with meals, up to 3 times per day. May be taken up to 5 consecutive days.


Ingredients:Moroccan Oregano (leaf) essential oil, Non-GMO canola oil, Marine Gelatin, Glycerine and d-alpha tocopherol.

Naturally contains 44% carvacrol, 19% thymol.