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Rose Otto Hydrosol (2 Sizes)

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Certified Organic
Rose Otto Hydrosol | Rosa damascena
Origin | Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Sizes: 1 oz. (30ml), 4 oz. (120ml)


Features & Benefits

Rose Otto hydrosol, a beautiful toner for all skin types, helps to rebalance the skin’s PH after cleansing and before moisturizing. With its hydrating benefits for mature and sun damaged skin, Rose Otto also supports emotional balance and healthy stress-response. This is a classic aphrodisiac, as well as an ingredient used for over a thousand years in the highest quality skin care products and Middle-Eastern cuisine.


How to Use

Mist liberally on clean skin before moisturizing in your daily AM/PM skincare routine. Revitalize and mist throughout each day. Excellent as hydrating facial toners, they may also be used as a body and haircare product. Gentle and safe, always. Blend hydrosol with your choice of Virgin Plant Oil, Rose Regenerative Facial Oil, Skin Clarity, or other essential oils for added benefits.



Rose Otto | Rosa damascena

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