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Whitewings Paper & Balsa Airplanes and Gliders | Reap & Sow

In his lifetime Engineer Yasuaki Ninomiya, Ph.D, designed hundreds of flightworthy, world-famous, high-performance gliders and planes.

Whitewings glider kits fit every level of aviation interest and make great gifts for aviation enthusiasts. These kits range from historic single-model kits and kits of currently produced places to gliders based on planes of the future. Every Whitewings glider is fun to build and always flies great!

  • Fun to build
  • Excellent Glider Series
  • World Record Performance
  • Easy to assemble for ages 8 and up
  • Award-winning design by Dr. Y. Nonomiya
  • All Whitewings gliders are made from Kent paper specially produced for Whitewings.

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