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100% Pure New Zealand Wool XXL Dryer Balls (4 pack)

$29.99 USD

Wool XXL Dryer Balls

It's time to eliminate all those perfumey dryer sheets that leave chemicals on your clothing and damage your dryer. Dryer Balls are an eco-friendly,  zero-waste completely composable option that can save money, improve your health, and extend the life of your laundry appliances.

100% pure New Zealand wool dryer balls naturally soften your clothes, save energy, reduce drying time and reduce static cling.

Safe for the whole family! This all-natural laundry product contains no fillers, additives, or chemicals and is reusable, hypoallergenic and fabric-safe. Dryer balls are safe for people with wool sensitivities.

Dryer balls do not shed.


100% New Zealand Wool


To truly get the most benefit from using dryer balls, it is a best practice to use 3 to 6 dryer balls at a time. Simply add the 100% New Zealand wool balls in the dryer to decrease drying time and soften clothes.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Baby Safe
  • Softens Clothes
  • Reusable
  • Fabric Safe
  • All Natural

Use a few drops of your favorite essential oil on one dryer ball to give your clothes a scent that won't have a negative effect on your health.

Our essential oil suggestions:
Bergamot Essential Oil 
Sweet Orange Essential Oil 
Lavender Augustifolia Essential Oil  
Lemongrass Essential Oil 
Lime Essential Oil 
Mandarin Essential Oil 
May Chang Essential Oil