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Eco Lunchbox

3-in-1 Giant Stainless Steel Lunchbox

$38.99 USD

This GIANT kit is a great set for outdoor lovers seeking a large zero-waste container that can serve triple duty for packing food, warming it and serving it right from the container. It's also an awesome gift for glamping aficionados!

Our ECO Adventure Kit comes with a rugged, three-level TriBento stainless steel lunchbox plus a compact stainless steel spork and a nifty pot gripper.

The pot gripper is a handy tool that allows you to heat up your lunch box over a Jet Boil or propane camp stove or in toaster oven. Not for use over an open fire.

Because all ECOlunchbox lunch containers are made from durable, reusable materials, you can reduce your impact on the planet all while enjoying perfectly-portioned, fresh meals on-the-go.