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Birthday | Get Lost Greeting Card

$5.00 USD

Tell your friend you hope they get Get Lost, in a good way, on their Birthday

The truth is those times when we get lost or feel lost are the times when we actually find ourselves. It takes a strong person to embark on things not tried and true, to take a risk. This willingness to find ourselves in uncharted territory helps us discover a deeper identity and knowledge of who we are. 

I like this except from The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman "She had the feeling that if she went home, she might never get away. She thought of birds caught in nets. There was something inside her, beating against her ribs, urging her to do things she might not otherwise attempt. She had the strongest desire to get lost."

Who doesn't feel like sometimes they want to escape the day's details and get lost? As those alarm bells sound, it's our moment to step out in discovery. Take a walk,  soak our feet in the grass, capture the smells around us, and bask in the earth's beauty.

J.R.R Tolkein wrote, 

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;

So wish your friend a year of self-discovery, fun, and freedom as they escape and "get lost." 



Printed on #130lb
100% Recycled card stock
Individually branded and packed with a hand-stamped envelope. Color may vary
A2 4¼ x 5½, Blank folded card


Cards come with a signature Amador Collective stamped envelope and a sticker to seal. Cards are packed in a cellophane sleeve to protect the quality during shipping.