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Baceae Cannabis Confections

MUSCLE REST Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture 600mg

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Muscle rest CBD tincture contains herbs which reduce inflammation and ease pain. antispasmodic properties relieve muscle spasms, cramping and joint soreness. muscle rest tincture also helps to alleviate tension by relaxing stress and anxiety itself.

Research about CBD and DOMS is limited for now, but at least one study has shown promising results. A study in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health found that trained athletes who took CBD post-workout recovered more quickly and also reported significantly less muscle soreness.

The researchers' conclusion was that "CBD appears to have a significant influence on muscle soreness associated with EIMD [exercise-induced muscle damage] DOMS when consumed immediately after strenuous exercise."


Enjoy Baceae’s herbal CBD tinctures with a quick and simple method — place the preferred amount in your mouth with the 1ml calibrated dropper. 

Suggested dosing:  Its best to start with a low dose (.25ml) and gradually work up until you discover your "sweet spot." The "sweet spot"  is the dose you need to take to achieve the desired results. In the beginning, take 1 serving, wait at least 2 hours before taking more. 

Tinctures should not be placed in the refrigerator and be sure to store in a dark place out of direct sunlight. 


black cohosh root*^, broad spectrum cannabidiol*^, chamomile flower*, cramp bark*, ginger root*, kava kava root*, lavender flower*, olive oil*^, rosemary leaf*, st. john's wort*, turmeric*, valerian root*

*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada

This product is not meant to be used as medicine, and always consult a physician before use. This product should be taken as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.