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Bet & Rose

Botanical Bath Bombs JUMBO Assortment Set of 4

$24.99 USD

This set includes an assortment of four Jumbo botanical-infused bath bombs. Each bath bomb fizzes to release aromatherapeutic essential oils, natural earth clays, skin-softening botanicals, and muscle-soothing Epsom Salt. 

Infused with moisturizing Avocado oil to leave skin feeling soothed, softened, and lightly scented, the artisan bath bombs are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and a spa-like bathing experience at home. 


4 Jumbo Bath Bombs

Scent Profiles:

  • LAVENDER with Purple Brazilian Clay: Soothing and calming lavender with sweet, strong geranium 
  • CALENDULA with Yellow Brazilian Clay: Bittersweet floral with warm spicy notes 
  • ROSE CLAY: A rich floral blend of roses and jasmine
  • JASMINE: Fresh & delicate Jasmine


Each bath bomb set comes with a reusable cotton muslin bag. If you do not want the botanicals to go down the drain and for easy clean up afterward, just insert the bath bomb inside the cotton muslin bag and drop it into the bath water. When finished with your home-spa treatment, toss away the bag's contents, wash it, lay it flat to dry, and reuse it when ready.

If you would prefer to use the bath bomb in the shower, simply place the bath bomb on a tray and let the shower spray lightly touch it to release the aromatic benefits. Avoid placing the bath bomb under the full stream of water, the bath bomb will dissolve too quickly, and all that amazing aromatherapy will wash down the drain.