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CeeCee & Bee

Pacific Ocean Bar Soap

$10.00 USD

Bring the beach to your bath with the Pacific Ocean Saltwater Soap Bar. Handmade from real San Diego saltwater, topped with Pacific Ocean sea salt and swirled with Pacific Ocean seaweed and sea clay, this soap bar is mineral rich for healthy skin.

As a soapmaker, CeeCee & Bee is always thinking up unique ingredients for a natural soap bar. This soap is made using water from the Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California. The soap doesn't use any artificial fragrances, and instead uses essential oils to create a fresh ocean breeze scent! Some sea clay and seaweed are in the soap as well and it is topped with sea salt. 

This soap is like bringing home a little part of the beach! Makes a great beach gift or treat yourself to a mini vacation every time you use the soap.


Ingredients: Pacific Ocean Saltwater, Saponified oils of : Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Organic Virgin Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Castor and Rice Bran; Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, Pacific Ocean Sea Clay, Pacific Ocean Seaweed Powder, essential oil blend