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Fenix CBD

Premium Hemp Pre-rolls | CBD, CBG, CBC

$9.99 USD

One-gram CBD Pre Rolls are a quick, calming smoke. Relax and smoke a CBD Pre Roll that will satisfy your smoking sensibilities while providing you with the health benefits found in cannabinoids.

CBD 1 Gram Pre Rolls

Convenient CBD Pre Rolls come in 10 different strains of sustainably sourced, legal buds. The pre-rolled joints of CBD flower are perfect for smokers wanting pristinely rolled joints without dealing with sticky buds. Fenix pre-rolled CBD joints are rolled in small batches and are packed and stored freshly.

Why Choose a fénix 1g Pre Roll?

  • Fresh Crushed Buds, Never Any Shake or Trim, providing maximum terpene content potency
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested Guaranteed always Free of Pesticides & Heavy Metals
  • CBD Pre-Rolls are Grown Organically in the Emerald Triangle
  • Small Batch Production and Corkage Ensure Minimal Terpene Loss
  • Available in 8 Amazing Strains of Pre-Rolls

CBD & CBG Pre Roll Bundle of 10 (1 of each strain)

Get all 10 strains of 1g CBD Pre Rolls and save $18 

Spark up anywhere that smoking is allowed. Our CBD Pre Rolls are, of course, under the legal limit of THC to comply with federal hemp laws