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Fire Horse Crystals

Abalone Shell Smudge Bowl

$19.95 USD

Beautiful, hand-selected Abalone Shells Smudge Bowls. 

Smudging Rituals are a sacred tradition that has been practiced throughout history and across cultures. The practice is often used when the home or work space needs clearing of negative energy. Traditionally, smudging is a ritual performed prior to a ceremony to clear out any negative energies, thus creating a space suitable for healing and positive energies. In day-to-day life, smudging can be used to clear unwanted or negative energies from a new home, office or business. Additionally, smudging can be used to lift an anxious or ‘spiritually low’ mood, eliminate energy that no longer serves a purpose in a space while intentionally filling the space with blessings and positivity.

Abalone shells are often used as tools to perform smudging rituals. Their very practical use is as a bowl to catch hot herb and hold what remains of the smudging stick after it’s burnt.

Abalone shells are a thick seashell which shimmers with the gorgeous iridescent colours of mother-of-pearl. They hold the energy of the ocean and bring a strong calming and healing energy.

Large: 5”-6” each
Extra Large: 6”-7” each


How to Use

  • To protect its beautiful rainbow shimmer from hot embers, add a layer of sand to the inside of the shell.
  • For various benefits, try smudging with different herbs like white sage (release and clear energy), mugwort (stimulate dreams), lavender (calming) and rosemary (mental clarity), cedar (protection) and flowers (meditation).
  • To enhance the energetics of your smudge blend, try adding resins like copal (connection to spirit realm), amber (protection) and frankincense (purification) into your smudge bowl.
  • To bless a person, space or object with the cleansing energy, use the underside of a bird’s feather to brush the smoke around them.
  • Be mindful when handling hot embers and sand because abalone shells naturally have holes in them
  • Use caution when handling the shell because heat can transfer to the shell.