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Formulary 55

Spring Equinox Candle

$34.00 USD

More heavily fragranced than other candles offered by Formulary 55, the Seasons Collection is designed for the scent lover. The beautiful scents are blends of phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils. The natural vegan candle comes in a gorgeous black glass container with letter-pressed accents.  

11 oz black glass jar with icon (Honeycomb & Bee) etched into the side.  Hand poured into reusable glass jars, each candle burns evenly and cleanly for over 80+ hours.  (3.25" around 4" tall) 

Non-toxic, recyclable and derived from completely renewable resources, this candle is perfect for anyone concerned with their health and the environment. 

Scent profile

Sweetened honey, green grass, iris, roses, and dew kissed spring petals.  


Trim Trim Trim. To extend the burn life of your candles, it is very important to trim the wick the first time you light the candle and again before each burning session.  Never leave unattended or burn for more than 4 hours. Keep away from children, pets and drafts. Follow all the safety guidelines located on the bottom of the candle

Read our blog article Adulting 101 - How to Burn a Candle Safely & Correctly 


VEGAN (all vegetable soy wax/no beeswax) + phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils.