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Sleeping Bear Gummies

Lady Bear Gummies (CBD/CBG/CBC/VitaBlend/Lemon Balm) – Premium Menstrual Support

$74.99 USD

Lady Bear is designed to be the best menstruation support product on the market with a unique combination of premium nano cannabinoids and nutraceuticals. Our formula helps to reduce immediate PMS onset symptoms like cramping, bloating, and discomfort while also supporting an overall healthier monthly cycle. Consume lady bear daily to support optimal feminine health and promote milder menstrual cycles long term. (Consume for a minimum of 2 months for best results)

Private Reserve Series– Lady Bear is a part of our new private reserve premium gummy line. These gummies are crafted in small batches with care to make a truly unique product. We combine high-quality ingredients with industry-first cannabinoid blends designed for maximum potency.

Our private reserve products come packaged in UV Miron glass jars for enhanced preservation of taste, smell, color, bioenergy, and the natural properties of our gummies. They are not only beautiful, but they preserve the shelf life of cannabis products while providing a constantly sterile environment for storage. Our bottles are printed with real precious metal inks made from 18k gold and copper to provide an eye-catching top-shelf design. We encourage reusing the bottles for storage/preservation of other food-grade items or cannabis products after usage!