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Lola Jane Naturals

Cocoa Mint Lip Balm

$12.00 USD

Soften and smooth your lips with this emollient Lip Balm in refreshing Cocoa Mint. This natural lip balm is consciously package in a 0.5 ounce cardboard tube, making it 3 times the size of a typical lip balm tube and eco-friendly. 

unrefined cocoa butter also helps add moisture and nutrients to your hair strands. This helps banish any dull look your hair may be forming and rejuvenates it to looking shiny and healthy again

coconut oil hydrates and protect lips from the elements. A natural SPF protects, and the fatty acids in coconut oil lock in moisture and provide an effective barrier for your lips. Plus, Coconut oil also tastes great.

beeswax is used in many skin care products because it provides a protection against irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe. It also offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits making it helpful in treating skin irritation.


Gently push up on the bottom of the tube to expose a small amount of balm. Apply to lips as needed. Store in a cool, dry location



Cocoa Mint: Unrefined Cocoa Butter*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax, pure peppermint essential oil