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Fat & the Moon

Moon Milk Moisturizing Cleanser

$30.00 USD

Get ready for this: creamy cleanser AND milky moisturizer. A two in one, soon to be your can’t-do-without.

Dripped down from the starry cosmos above, Moon Milk bathes your face in a glow rivaling Selene herself! Soap-free, Moon Milk cleanses in the gentlest of ways while pulling hydration to the skin like the waves to the moon. Moon Milk is the juicy cleanser and light moisturizer of our dreams.  

To Cleanse: Massage into damp skin and let it chill for a few minutes while you do other things, brush your teeth, feed your cat, solve the world's problems...Then rinse off. 

To to keep that hydration going: After patting your face dry, gently apply 1 or 2 pumps. Use alone, or add a boost to your other moisturizer. 

Good for morning and night. For all beings with all skin types. A little goes a long way, we suggest just a couple pumps. When choosing your top, please keep that in mind! 

External use, my friend.


- rosewater (Rosa damascena)*
- hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa)*
- vegetable glycerin*+
- coconut milk powder (Cocos nucifera)*
- hyaluronic acid
- elderberry (Sambucus spp) extract

+Sustainably Sourced, Forest-Safe

2 fl oz