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Moon Valley Organics

Orange Spice Herbal Soap

$5.99 USD
Our secret herbal recipe to soothe and restore. Our orange spice herbal soap blends red palm oil's natural restorative power with clove to soothe and plantain leaf to promote healthy skin. These medicinal ingredients are combined with beeswax and decadent, mineral and vitamin-e rich oils to seal in their goodness and provide a luxuriant, natural moisture barrier. Pure ingredients: Organic safflower, organic coconut oil, organic red palm oil, sodium hydroxide, organic beeswax, organic sweet orange oil, organic cedar oil, organic clove oil, organic paprika, organic castor oil, organic plantain and vitamin e made from sunflower. That's it. None remains after saponification of oils into soap and glycerin. Uses: Work up a silky lather and lavish over entire body, not forgetting behind the ears. Gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body. Safe for skin of all ages. 4 oz.