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Patch Bandages

Biodegradable Adhesive Bamboo Bandage Strips

$6.99 USD

PATCH Strips are an Australian brand that crafts eco-friendly bamboo adhesive bandage strips designed for those with sensitive skin. They are made with 100% organic bamboo fiber with the added natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil. They take pride in using natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable resources, that are historically proven to soothe symptoms while promoting wound recovery for even the most sensitive skin types.  Not only are PATCH strips compostable, so is the packaging!

PATCH Bamboo Bandages come in four varieties: PATCH Natural Bamboo Strips for cuts and scratches, PATCH Coconut Oil Kids for abrasions and grazes, PATCH Aloe Vera Bamboo Bandages for burns and blisters and PATCH Activated Charcoal Bamboo Strips for bites and splinters.

Container contains 25 strips.


PATCH Strips are free of plastic, latex and silicone. They are hypoallergenic, vegan and approved for use by the FDA. 

NATURAL BANDAGES: These strips are perfect for those who like to keep it simple. PATCH Natural is designed with bamboo to help repair minor cuts & abrasions, naturally. Free from known irritants, toxins and plastic.

PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: PATCH Strips are made from 100% organic bamboo fiber & mineral-based pressure sensitive adhesive that gently adheres to the skin. Hypoallergenic & free from plastic & irritating chemicals.

NATURAL & EFFECTIVE: PATCH Bandages are for everyone, offering a natural, convenient & effective alternative to common adhesive bandages, flexible fabric strips & other first aid wound care products.

COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE: PATCH Strips are compostable & have tested to break down in the garden soil within weeks. They're latex-free, vegan-friendly & cruelty-free & contain no plastics or toxins. Patch Strips are made of 100% Organic & Sustainable bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource that grows much faster than trees, uses less water, produces more oxygen & cleans the soil, and requires no pesticides or herbicides.  


Would it surprise you to know that 25% of people in the world cannot use  common wound care products because of the adverse reactions? It surprised us. PATCH was born when James Dutton (the founder of Nutricare) noticed that while trying to protect his son’s adventure wounds his skin was, in fact, reacting badly to a common bandage and covering actually made the wound worse. 

Luckily, those lemons were made into lemonade and Patch was born. Their products have won multiple awards for product excellence and eco innovation: Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019 Best New Eco Living Product; Product Excellence Winner, Eco Innovation Winner and Product Innovation Winner in the 2019 Australian Business Awards; and 2018 Organic Consumer Choice Award.