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Activated Colloidal Ionic Silver

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Colloidal Silver has always been a bit of a misnomer. Although small silver colloids and nano colloidal particles are effective in reducing many forms of pathogens, it is the dissolved ionic form of silver that research has found to be the most effective. Existing as a positively charged particle, ionic silver exerts an oligodynamic effect, and has the ability to attract and ultimately eliminate many pathogens, especially gram negative bacteria and protozoan infestation.

PHS’s Activated Ionic Silver™ is an effective safe dose of conductive ions and colloidal particles giving you the best and most potent combination for your health.

In vivo, ionic silver may be helpful in the gut for reduction of pathogens, although its action in the blood is controversial, there is evidence through measurement of urine concentrations that silver finds its way into the body and is able to exert its anti pathogenic effects. The current evidence suggests that ionic silver may, in a large part, combine in the stomach acid to form silver chloride, and then be transformed back to ionic silver in the digestive tract when exposed to the body's natural content of ammonia in the intestines and in the body. (Ammonia breaks and dissolves the AgCl bonds releasing the Ag (silver) ion)


PHS's cGMP guideline compliance, ensures the quality and potency of the raw materials and manufacturing process.

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