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Neroli Hydrosol (2 Sizes)

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Certified Organic
Neroli Hydrosol | Citrus aurantium
(Orange Blossom)
Origin: Casablanca, Morocco
Sizes: 1 oz. (30ml), 4 oz. (120ml)


Features & Benefits

Neroli Aromatic Hydrosol story is that in the 17th century, Princess Nerola of Italy introduced the essence of orange blossoms as a fashionable scent. Today, Neroli is the common name for this flower. Especially good for oily and mature skin types, Neroli is a natural astringent and anti-bacterial tonic for supporting the detoxification of congested and/or blemished skin. Its regenerative properties promote hydration, toning and cellular regeneration. Neroli has a refreshing and distinctively spicy aroma with sweet, flowery notes.


How to Use

Spritz lightly over face and skin



Citrus aurantium

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