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Lavender Essential Oil Kit

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Certified Organic
True Lavender | Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: France
Size: 5ml

Lavender Reserve | Lavandula angustfolia var. delphinensis
Origin: France, High Alps
Size: 5ml

Lavender Spike | Lavandula spicata
Origin: Spain
Size: 5ml


Features & Benefits

True Lavender
Balancing & Soothing
Eases stress and supports sound sleep.

Lavender Reserve
Gentle & Calming
The ultimate panacea for stress and sound sleep.

Lavender Spike
Stimulating & Medicinal
Excellent for focus and concentration.

How to Use

True Lavender
Applied topically, Lavender provides natural first aid for occasional skin irritations.

Lavender Reserve
Excellent for all facial care needs with benefits as a natural perfume or deodorant.

Lavender Spike
Immune and respiratory support with topical relief for burns, bites and stings.




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