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PILOU Children's Essential Oil Diffuser

$54.99 USD

Pranarom Pilou Essential Oils Diffuser for Babies and Children was created with littles and baby living spaces in mind. The Pilou diffuses subtle scents in the air and features a discreet white, pink or blue light perfect for nap time or nighttime sleep.

Easy to use, this essential oil diffuser for children and babies is a diffuser that parents can use with child safe essential oils and diffusion blends. Diffusing essential oils in the home make the indoor air cleaner and healthier.

When essential oils are poured into the water they are dispersed using imperceptible vibrations that result in a beneficial aromatic mist. The air is both humidified and sanitized.

The Pilou diffuser is especially designed for use around children and features settings to gently and safely diffuse essential oils into the air. The diffusion method is cold, safe and effective.

How to Use

Use only as directed and only with child safe essential oils and diffuser blends when diffusion for children and/or babies. Clean the diffuser once a month, as indicated on the instructions.