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Rosehip Seed VPO Carrier Oil Organic 2 fl.oz

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Certified Organic
Rose Hip | Rosa musquee
Origin | Bulgaria
Size: 4 oz. (120ml)


Features & Benefits

Rosehip seed oil and its linoleic acid are readily absorbed through the skin along with a host of unsaturated essential fatty acids contained within this amazing oil. The fatty acids support reformation and formation of the skin membranes, acting as a rejuvenating agent.


Rosehip seed oil is not highly recommended for very oily skin and acute acne. Those with sensitive skin may need to dilute it in another carrier like jojoba for best results.


Composition at a Glance: 40-50% linoleic acid

Color and Texture: Rich oil with a light pink to red amber hue

Note: Use quickly, as it goes "off" in 6 months much like flax seed oil. Store in the refrigerator to preserve all its wonderful essential fats and to greatly extend shelf life.