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Almond, Sweet VPO Carrier Oil Organic 2 fl.oz

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Certified Organic
Sweet Almond | Prunus amygdalus
Method | Pressing of Almonds
Size: 2 oz.


Features & Benefits

A mild, soothing oil with nutrients to calm and moisturize. Rich in vitamin E, Sweet Almond oil supports smooth, nourished skin and can be used as a gentle cleanser or a spot treatment for areas of concern.

Due to its mild nature, Sweet Almond is excellent for sensitive, irritated and dry skin. Levels of magnesium, calcium and zinc promote strong hair and nails.


How to Use

For best absorption, warm Sweet Almond oil between the palms for a few seconds before applying.



Sweet Almond | Prunus amygdalus

Color and Texture | Clear. Medium absorption rate.

Smell | Neutral.

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