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Top 5 Essential Oil Kit

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Certified Organic
Essential Oil |Top 5
Lavender | Lavendula angustifolia*
Peppermint | Mentha x spicata*
Lemon | Citrus limonum*
Eucalyptus Globulus | Eucalyptus globulus*
Tea Tree| Melaleuca alternifolia*
Size: 5ml ea.

Features & Benefits

Top 5 single note essential oils kit comes in a decorative packaging. With helpful tips and information included for each essential oil, this makes a perfect gift for beginners and aficionados alike.

Lavender Balance & Soothe: Eases stress and supports sound sleep.
Peppermint Refresh & Cool: Excellent diffused,
Lemon Uplift & Purify: Bright and uplifting when diffused.
Eucalyptus Globulus Revive & Stimulate: Diffuse this refreshing oil.
Cleanse & Protect: Great for purifying and first aid.

How to Use

Lavender Applied  topically, Lavender is the ultimate first aid for occasional skin irritation.
Peppermint may also be applied topically to comfort occasional achy, sore muscles.
Lemon may also be diluted in cleaning recipes to naturally disinfect your home.
Eucalyptus apply topically to support immunity and the respiratory system.
Tea Tree may be diffused, applied topically to skin, or used in cleaning products.


Lavender | Lavendula angustifolia*, Peppermint | Mentha x spicata*, Lemon | Citrus limonum*, Eucalyptus Globulus | Eucalyptus globulus*, Tea Tree| Melaleuca alternifolia*

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