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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Scrubber

$7.99 USD

Skoy Scrub is a new concept in kitchen scouring pads. This reusable scrub made in Europe (Poland) from cotton and non-toxic hardener outlasts traditional scrubbers and in turn, saves money and controls waste.

The Skoy Scrub comes in a variety of colors and designs which adds fun as well as function to any kitchen. These scrubs will replace the old green scouring pads or scrub sponges. The scrub works well on most surfaces including glass, ceramic stovetops, cookware, stainless steel, cast iron, marble, and more. The scrubber is easily cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher. The pack includes 2 Skoy Scrubs.


Key Feature: Reusable multi-purpose absorbent cloth. 100% Biodegradable.

  • Set of 2 Skoy Scrub cloths
  • Reusable and long-lasting
  • Replaces traditional scouring pads
  • Safe on most surfaces, non-scratching!
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe
  • Fun colors and designs
  • Each scrub measures 5" x 6"


Material: Made from cotton and a food-grade non-toxic hardener. Made in Europe and packaged in the USA using recycled materials.

Items per Pack:  2 pack - fun designs.

Dimensions: 5" x 6"

Origin: Made in Poland

Compost Time: 5 Weeks