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Gnat & Bee

Sweet Lavender Bath Bomb

$7.95 USD

Lavender & Vanilla - Relaxing for bedtime & release. Nourish, moisturize & calm your body with these Lavender fizzles during your bath rituals. 

Medium size 2" bomb made for one bath, biodegradable shrink-wrapped for freshness.

Bath Ritual

Draw a bath at your perfect temperature, dim the lights or light a candle. Immerse yourself in the water, drop in an unwrapped bath bomb, and enjoy watching the bubbles and swirling botanicals.

Let the warmth embrace you, and breathe deeply. Think loving thoughts about your body and visualize negativity releasing. Relax and enjoy this quiet time for yourself.<


Baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, epsom salt, sunflower oil, lavender and benzoin resin essential oil, alkanet root (color). Botanicals: lavender buds safflower