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Luxe Plant Based Non-Toxic Sample Tins (13 scents)

$7.00 USD

Terralite candles are made with only the finest natural, organic, wildcrafted & fair trade ingredients. They are hand-poured in small batches in Oceanside, San Diego, CA. Sustainably sourced. 

  • Natural and sustainably sourced 100% plant-based coconut wax 
  • Scented with organic and wildcrafted essential oils and plant extracts
  • Chemical-free hemp core wick
  • Recycled amber glass container
  • Recyclable tin lid
  • Recycled paper labels.
  • No synthetic fragrances, no paraffin wax, no GMO's, no zinc




Burn Time: 28 hours 



Citrus Spice | Bitter Orange, Cardamom, Cedar, Vanilla | This blend is inspired by barrel-aged bourbon with an old fashioned twist. It is earthy and sweet with tobacco and woody undertones, topped off with a splash of citrus for a sophisticated aroma.

Coastal Ridge | Eucalyptus + Spruce + Peppermint | Reminiscent of onshore winds whistling through eucalyptus groves, with cooling peppermint to open up airways and therapeutic 1 to purify the air.

Desert Sage | Wild Sage + Lavender + Rosemary | A delicate balance of ritual herbs and sweet florals to promote deep relaxation and tranquility.

Lavender Lemonade | Wild Lavender + Lemon Peel | This Mediterranean blend is energizing and floral, with lemons picked from the sun-kissed orchards of Italy and sweet lavender blooms from the fields of France.

Orange Blossom | Pure Moroccan Neroli | Romantic in spirit with a sweet floral aroma sourced from the blossoming orange groves of Morocco.

Orange Creme | Sweet Orange + Vanilla Bean | Sweet local citrus infused in a rich creamy vanilla for a delightfully juicy aroma.

Vanilla Bean | Pure Moroccan Neroli | Romantic in spirit with a sweet floral aroma sourced from the blossoming orange groves of Morocco.

Vanilla Mint | Vanilla, Peppermint Leaf | Warm vanilla accented with tingly peppermint for an enchanting and uplifting blend that encourages deep breathing and aromatic indulgence.

Wild Lavender | Wild Crafted French Lavender | Create a moment of relaxation and well-being with the sweet herbaceous aroma of wild lavender.