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BiPlanes Paper & Balsa Plane Kit (3 model Kit)

$21.95 USD

BiPlanes three model kit by Whitewings. The gliders and planes produced by Whitewings are world famous! These flightworthy, high-performance gliders and planes were designed by engineer Yasuaki Ninomiya, Ph.D.

Whitewings glider kits fit every level of aviation interest and make great gifts for aviation enthusiasts. These world-famous kits range from historic single-model kits and kits of currently produced places to gliders based on planes of the future. Every Whitewings glider is fun to build and always flies great!

  • Fun to build
  • Flights can reach over 300 feet
  • All Whitewings gliders are made from kent paper specially produced for Whitewings.

  • Kit Contains

  • 3 pre-cut balsa and paper gliders
  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • Catapult launcher
  • Complete flight instructions
  • Made in Japan

  • *Glue not included

    NOTAM: Notice to Airmen

    Biplanes take a while longer to build than single-wing gliders. The regard is an elegant flight unique to double-wing aircraft.

    **WARNING: Possible Choking Hazard. Small parts included. Young child building planes should always be supervised. Not intended for children under 3.

    About the Planes included in this kit

    Negative Stagger BiPlane

    Unlike most other biplanes, this model's upper main wing is positioned further back than the lower one. Because of this wing configuration, the pilot has a more open view from the cockpit. The paper model of this airplane is solid and flies well

    Travel Air 4000

    The number on the main wing of this model is the actual number of the real plane. A Japanese pilot, Zansaku Azuma, made a successful flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo via Europe and Asia, traveling 18,000 kilometers in 70 days. He arrived in Tokyo on August 31, 1930. The plane has horn balance on both ailerons of the main wing, giving it a classical shape. 

    Flying Boat II

    It is enjoyable to watch the Flying Boat fly with its double-wing configuration and to listen to the gentle sound from its revolving propeller. The enthusiast will love to build this plane and enjoy the many wonderful flights it will perform