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Historical Commercial Aircraft Passenger Gliders

$19.95 USD

Historical Commercial Aircraft three model kit by Whitewings are part of the Boeing Milestone Series. The gliders and planes produced by Whitewings are world famous! These flightworthy, high-performance gliders and planes were designed by engineer Yasuaki Ninomiya, Ph.D.

Whitewings glider kits fit every level of aviation interest and make great gifts for aviation enthusiasts. These world-famous kits range from historic single-model kits and kits of currently produced places to gliders based on planes of the future. Every Whitewings glider is fun to build and always flies great!

Celebrating a Century of Powered Flight

On December 17, 1903, the Wright Flyer became the first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot aboard. From that day forward, powered flight changed the world in which we live. The Boeing Milestones Series recognizes the historical significance of the companies that are the heritage of the Boeing Company. Every aircraft in the Boeing Milestone Series represents a unique contribution to the progression of powered Flight

Features of this set:

  • Fun to build
  • Boeing Collectiable Edition
  • All Whitewings gliders are made from kent paper specially produced for Whitewings.

  • Kit Contains

  • 3 pre-cut balsa and paper gliders
  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • Catapult launcher
  • Complete flight instructions
  • Made in Japan

  • *Glue not included

    NOTAM: Notice to Airmen

    **WARNING: Possible Choking Hazard. Small parts included. Young child building planes should always be supervised. Not intended for children under 3.

    About the Planes included in this kit

    Douglas DC-3 | First Flight December 17, 1935

    Douglas produced 10,629 DC-3's in its commercial and its military versions. The commercial DC-3 provided air travelers with comfortable day travel and sleeper versions. The Douglas sleeper transport had bunks like the Pullman railway coach. The DC-3 military derivatives, including the popular C-47 Skytrain, served in many capacities worldwide. The 64-foot 5-inch long DC-3 could fly 192 mph and had a range of 1,495 miles.

    Boeing 707 | First Flight December 20, 1957

    The model 707 was the first in a long line of Boeing commercial jet airliners. Its wingspan was 130 feet 10 inches, and it had more than 100 windows. Later versions could fly up to 189 passengers 6,000 miles at 600 mph. The Air Force bought three 707-120's and converted them into VIP transports. When the President was aboard, it was called "Air Force One." Later, two 707-320's were specifically configured as Air Force One Presidential airplanes. A total of 855 707's were delivered between 1957 and 199

    Boeing 747 | First Flight FEBRUARY 9, 1969

    The gigantic 747 could hold 490 passengers, and also was built as a Freightliner and a convertible. It was 231 feet 4 inches long, and its tail was taller than a six-story building. Two 747-100's became shuttle carrier aircraft. Two 747-200B's were modified to replace older 707 Air Force Ones, and the 747 airframe was used for the Advanced Airborne Commercial Post (E-4). The longer-range 747-400ER was launched in 2000 and is available in both passenger and freighter versions