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Spirit of St. Louis Whitewings Paper Glider

$21.95 USD

The Spirit of St. Louis Whitewings glider is based on the Smithsonian Institutions Spirit of St. Louis. This glider is part of the Whitewings history series. The gliders and planes produced by Whitewings are world famous! These flightworthy, high-performance gliders and planes were designed by engineer Yasuaki Ninomiya, Ph.D.

Whitewings glider kits fit every level of aviation interest and make great gifts for aviation enthusiasts. These world-famous kits range from historic single-model kits and kits of currently produced places to gliders based on planes of the future. Every Whitewings glider is fun to build and always flies great!

  • Designed to Fly
  • Easy-to-Build
  • All Whitewings gliders are made from kent paper specially produced for Whitewings.

  • Kit Contains

  • Balsa Fuselage
  • Pre-cut Kent paper Paper parts
  • Small washers for ballast
  • Assembly instructions
  • Flight and Tuning Manual
  • Smithsonian Historical Overview
  • Made in Japan

  • *Glue not included

    NOTAM: Notice to Airmen

    **WARNING: Possible Choking Hazard. Small parts included. Young child building planes or gliders should always be supervised. Not intended for children under 3.

    Spirit of St. Louis ...Did you know???

    Made History

    Charles Lindberg made history when he became the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean

    Record Time

    The Spirit of St. Louis accomplished it 1927 historic flight from New York to Paris in a record time of 33 1/2 hours

    No baggage

    In order to keep plane drag to a minimum "unnecessary" items were eliminated. These included a radio, a parachute, gas gauges, and navigation lights

    On Exhibition

    The Spirit of St. Louis is exhibited at the Milestones of Flight Gallery of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.